People visit a dentist whenever they experience any dental problems. The dentists provide medication and treatment to people with any form of tooth and oral problems, such as tooth decay, loose teeth, gum bleeding, early fall of teeth, crooked teeth among other dental issues. Some people need treatment for pain, decay, and other oral problems, whereas some people need treatment for cosmetic purpose. So, the dentists provide both types of treatment ( . They provide treatment to both children and adults. The following are some of the services that are provided by the dentists:

Regular teeth cleaning
When the surfaces of the teeth are stained, they should be cleaned using certain cleaning instruments. So, the dentists perform regular cleaning and the process is known as scaling. They remove the stains lying on the surface so that they look white. They thus help in restoring the color of the teeth.

Oral evaluation
Some people want to prevent dental problems in the future and hence the dentists perform oral evaluation process. The people who are acutely experiencing teething problem should also undergo an oral evaluation process so that the doctors can exactly diagnose the problems. They evaluate the overall oral conditions so that the patient can improve oral health.

Deep cleaning, scaling and root canal treatment
If the decay of the tooth has penetrated deeply, then the dentists recommend for a root canal or deep cleaning process. Equipments are used to drill the interior parts of the tooth and remove the decay. After the cleaning process is over, then the teeth are filled with certain solid substances that cannot be extracted.

Laser teeth whitening
The laser tooth whitening is performed by dentists using modern equipments ( . This process is performed quickly and the colour also lasts for long time.

Composite filling
The composite filling process is performed for all the 3 surfaces of the teeth. When the decay of the tooth is removed and when the place becomes hollow, it should be filled by certain substances